The H300 A turbine is designed by Norwegian Ocean Power in order to capture the energy in water flows, primarily tidal currents. It is based on a relatively simple and well-known design from the Darieus-turbine (patented around 1930), increasing the rotational velocity considerably compared to technology used until now. NOP is cooperating with leading experts globally for optimal design of both turbine and generator.

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The main characteristics of our turbine are:

  • High efficiency compared to the available energy in tidal currents
  • Robust, low maintenance design able to operate for decades, combined with an easy maintenance and relocation concept
  • Low production cost based on few standardized components and efficient mass-production
  • Location flexible, both with regards to depth and current velocity

In addition, Norwegian Ocean Power is looking to develop systems for producing emission-neutral fuels based on our power production. The main objectives with this are to reduce the dependency on existing infrastructure (grid) and to make full use of the tidal currents irrespective of the fluctuations in consumption.

Tidal power advantages

Reliability. Tidal power/energy is predictable. The cyclic rise and fall of tides is known unlike random weather patterns.

Endlessly renewable. Tidal energy will not run out. Tidal energy is free, non-polluting and has no waste product.

Economical. Startup costs to build H300A powerplants are low, and maintenance costs are very, very low. It is a very attractive investment.

Efficiency.  H300A turbines are efficient in converting tidal energy to electricity for a moderate investment.

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